Tribute to Panama Canal Pilots by Allied Master Mariners
held as Prisoners of War at Marlag and Milag Nord
during World War II by Nazi Germany

Panama Pilots


Panama Pilots Scroll

 We, the undersigned Master Mariners, have during our enforced leisure here in Germany held many discussions on the subject of the worlds great engineering achievements.

As a result of our combined knowledge and experience, and having taken all relevant facts into consideration, we unanimously agree that the Panama Canal with its locks, waterways and harbour facilities is one of the greatest of such feats.

In addition, we have also agreed that is is without doubt the most efficient organisation of its kind of which we have knowledge.

Still more important perhaps, from our point of view, is the smoothness with which a ship is passed through the Canal, and we should like to place on record our appreciation and gratitude to the Pilots and the Marine division as a whole -- not forgetting the heads of the various departments -- for their efficiency, courtesy and reliability when providing a safe and swift passage for vessels of all sizes and nationalities through this strategic waterway.


Left-hand Column signatories

E. Griffiths ss Gemstone Great Britain 06/04/42 Stier
Frederick Pover ss Empire Avocet Great Britain 09/29/42 U-125
S. Charles Wallace ss Stella Lykes USA 07/27/42 U-582
E. Davies ss Dalhousie Great Britain 08/09/42 Stier
H. W. Weston ss Kantara Great Britain 02/22/41 Scharnhorst/Gniesenau
Frederick Tate ss Empire Arnold Great Britain  08/04/42  U-155 
George F. Smith m/v King John Great Britain 07/13/40 Widder
J. M. Jacobsen s/t Malmanger Norway 08/09/40 U-130
Sigvart Andersen ?/? Madrono Norway 07/04/42 Thor
G. S. Hall m/v Port Hobart Great Britain 11/24/40 Admiral Scheer
Herbert S. Cox tss Maimoa Great Britain 11/20/40 Pinguin
Charles Parry ss Harlesden Great Britain 02/22/41 Gniesenau
T. W. Marrie ss Peterton Great Britain 09/17/42 U-109
Ceaser H. Horn ss Norman Queen Great Britain 03/08/41  E boat 
Robert S. F. Notman# ss Athelfoam Great Britain 03/15/41 Scharnhorst
Edward B. Pearce ss Davisian Great Britain 07/10/40 Widder
Robert Milliken ss Sardinian Prince Great Britain 03/16/41 Scharnhorst
Charles E. Bryan m/v Indus Great Britain 07/20/42 Thor
W. Chalmers ss Domingo de Larrinaga Great Britain 07/31/40 Pinguin
James R Anderson m/n Simnia Great Britain 03/15/41 Gniesenau
W. J. Downs ss Reedpool Great Britain 09/20/42 U-515
Peter Evans ss Automedon Great Britain 11/11/40 Atlantis


Center Column signatories

Maurice E. Sadler ss Empire Ranger Great Britain 03/27/42  Aircraft 
W. Wilson ss Kent Great Britain    
Robert Redwood ss Devon Great Britain 08/19/41 Komet
Donald Hunt ss Treminard Great Britain 08/2/42 U-160
N. Bulmer ss Trelawney Great Britain 02/22/41 Gniesenau
J. Douald ss Mersington Court Great Britain 04/15/40 Sunk Narvik
Christopher Yare ss Salmonpool Great Britain 05/03/40 Seized Saudafjord
Finn Abrahamsen ss El Lago USA (Panama) 10/11/42 U-607 and U-615
Geoffrey Turner ss British Advocate Great Britain 02/20/41 Admiral Scheer
Lombe Atthill ss British Union Great Britain 01/18/41 Kormoran
W. George Lorains ss Teesbank Great Britain 12/05/42 U-128
V. Eynon ss Shaftesbury Great Britain 07/12/42 U-116
Anthony Potts ss Royal Crown Great Britain 03/15/41 Gniesenau
Alfred Hill ss Mandasor Great Britain 01/24/41 Atlantis
Hilmar J. Stenwick ss Earlston Great Britain 07/04/42 U-334
Leon O. Everett ss Willimantic Great Britain 06/24/42 U-156
Andrew Morrow m/v Speybank Great Britain 01/31/41 Atlantis
Radnavald Hansen ss Carlton USA 07/05/42 U-88
Dugald Mac Cormick ss Roslea Great Britain  10/28/41  Wrecked Belgium 
Harry Steele* ss Port Brisbane Great Britain 11/21/40 Pinguin
F. W. Bailey ss Port Wellington Great Britain 12/01/40 Pinguin
W. Gray Smith tss Zamzam Egypt 04/17/41 Atlantis


Right-hand Column signatories

Richard Harvey m/v Trevilley Great Britain 09/12/42 U-68
Harald Anderson ss Stone Street USA (Panama) 09/13/42 U-594
Eric Monckton ss Empire Starling Great Britain 11/23/42  U-163 
J. R. Nicol ss Glenlea Great Britain 11/07/42 U-566
T. L. Bradford ss Nailsea Lass Great Britain 02/24/41 U-48
Stanley Algar m/v Agnita Great Britain 03/22/41 Kormoran
Rolf Endresen m/s Tortugas Norway 11/18/42 U-67
G. Olsen## m/v Havsten Norway 08/03/42 U-160
Henry Stephenson m/s Santa Rita USA 07/09/42 U-172
Stuart Weatherston? ss Lustrous Great Britain 02/22/41 Scharnhorst
Albert Rhodes m/v Triaster Great Britain 12/08/40 Komet and Orion
Albert E. Woodcock ss Tottenham Great Britain 06/17/41 Atlantis
Norman R. Caird ss Vimeira Great Britain 08/11/42 U-109
Edward Winter ss Wendover Great Britain 07/16/40 Thor
Henry R. Shotton m/v San Casimiro Great Britain 03/15/41 Gniesenau
H. C. Mc Dowall ss A. D. Huff Great Britain   02/22/41 Gniesenau  
John Thompson m/s Silverfir Great Britain 03/16/41 Gniesenau
John E. Hughes ss Triona Great Britain 12/06/40 Komet and Orion
John B. Lawson ss Holmbury Great Britain 05/05/43 U-123
David A. Addison ss Empire Industry Great Britain  03/16/41  Gniesenau  
David S. Davies ss St. Margaret Great Britain 02/27/43 U-66
Clement R Cooper ss Afric Star Great Britain 01/29/41 Kormoran


Marlag and Milag Nord-- Westertimke -- Germany -- 1943

PRESENTED to the PANAMA CANAL PILOTS -- with the compliments of

Samuel S. Moore, Master Mariners, through the medium of Captain F. A. Strand,**

ex S.S. "Honomu" and former PANAMA CANAL PILOT

^ Still living March 2001
#Milag Camp leader
*The Master of the Port Brisbane (Emrys Oliver Thomas) died of wounds on German raider on 1st day of captivity.
##Sentenced to death as war criminal with other Norwegians from Operation Performance. Fate unknown.
**Sunk 07/05/42 by U-456

Panama Pilots Scroll courtesy Captain Dean Bruch, Deanbru Marine, New Orleans, LA

Names of Masters and ships courtesy Gabe Thomas, President, Milag PoW Association, United Kingdom author of: MILAG - Captives of the Kriegsmarine

Additional data from:
A Careless Word - A Needless Sinking: A History of the Staggering Losses Suffered by the U.S. Merchant Marine, both in Ships and Personnel, during World War II, Captain Arthur R. Moore, American Merchant Marine Museum, Kings Point, NY: 1998.
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