United States Merchant Marine and Maritime Service Seals

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The bronze plaque in the first row, left is available from:

Steve Domonkos, 307-266-6662, fax 266-6661
POB 1489, Casper, WY 82602


15 inch diameter:

U.S. Bronze Sign Co. of Florida
Attn. Mr. Irwin Hyman
1065 East 28th St
Hialeah, FL 33013

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In Peace and War 1775 merchant marine plaque
Merchant Marine seal
United States merchant marine 1775 logo
United States Maritime Service Seal

US Merchant Marine Commemorative Seal (below, left)
15-inch, 4-color, molded composite seal. Indoor use only. $90.00 includes shipping.
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Foundation Click on Alumni Store, choose "Foundation Merchandise," then choose "Alumni Items, View the Products"

merchant marine seal
Merchant Marine seal
Merchant Marine seal
Peace and War 1775 U.S. merchant marine logo



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